Working and not working IP Cameras

Same with the Foscam FI9831P camera. Only snapshot shown, PTZ and alarms not working.

your sending Sending ONVIF request:AbsoluteMove you said the camera only worked with continuos move, so the easiest way in OH3 is to use this widget. It will keep failing to work if you keep trying to send something that your camera does not support.

I cant help you further because:
a) stating that something is not working is not describing what your trying, if you dont describe I cant check that your doing the right thing that will make it work. We will only go in circles.
b) Your log still does not show correctly, since I have never seen or heard of others having this issue it has to stem from how you are fetching and copying the log. The binding is giving indication that the cameras replies are longer than what the log shows.

You goal should be to fix the issue with the log as until that is sorted I cant check for any compatibilty issues that may be there.

I realy appreciate your help und I am trying hard to contribuate. Above I attached the openhab-Kopie.log file. There are realy long ONVIF log entries. Are these the ones you are looking for? Otherwise I really don’t know, where else I could look for the logs. Please give me a hint. I changed the server port serveral times.
In the binding I have set the PTZ continuos movement on and off without a effect.

Yes the openhab-Kopie.log looks correct, they are long replies back from ONVIF. The other logs all look like they are getting cut short, missing lines…
Everything in there looks correct and it shows you are not sending continuous move commands.
Moving the slider will only result in Absolute movements, you need to send INCREASE and DECREASE commands to the channels and not an absolute (exact) number.

The documentation has an example on how to do this with SITEMAP, habpanel and I already gave you the link for OH3 widget.

If your camera only supports continuos then you must turn it ON and leave it on. But doing that does not turn the sliders into sending continuos messages, you need to send the commands I mentioned above which is far easier in OH3 with the widget.
Also I have not seen you use PRESETS in the logs, I suspect you will find they will work easier and better, so try to get presets working. I gave you a very important hint on how to get it working in a reply already and it is key to getting the Instar cameras to save presets.

I’m not going to fault find the alarms and cause more confusion until the logs and PTZ is sorted. Hopefully this solves the PTZ for you.

I gave up on the instar camera which I can still return to amazon. I am trying now to get the foscam FI9138 running which was reported working with the binding.
So far the snapshot is OK and with the presets I can move the camera to the end points wich does not really help. I installed the widget. I connected a cell on a page with the ClickabablePTZCamera. Sadly the cell stays plane white. As a workaround I could move and watch the camera through my phone app. But what I really need for my alarm system is the motion alarm which is not working in OH 3.
The binding description tells how to get and create the override settings. I followed the instruction but the URL… only returned:
Who can I create the override settings out of this?
Is there a possibility to get the motion alarm through to openhab 3?
I copied the output from the frontail to a file since I can’t get samba access to /var/log/openhab.
Is it possible to access the log files through samba?
Trace.txt (24.2 KB)
Finally I discovered that in the OH 2.5 IP Camera Binding for Foscam with API the snapshot, alarm and 26 presets work fine. Is there a possibility to use a OH 2 binding in OH 3?

I made an OH 3.1 testinstallation on my PC an downloaded the jar file. I moved it to the addon folder of my OH 3.1 installation. Is there anything else to do to use this binding? So far the alarm still doesn’t work.