Working of CUL usb stick (CC1101 USB Light) for sniffing smart home communication between devices

hello friends.
i am working on my masters project now for about 2 weeks and i am new to openhab. my task is to gather and study the communication messages between user and the devices working in openhab2. i read that CUL usb device would be use for this purpose and bidcods are used for communication between the devices. but i am facing problem to select this device for example this devices comes with many different models and then there is confusion in selecting the antenna of this device? are all the CUL devices compatible with homatic openhab2 ? and what antenna should i use with the CUL stick?

i am going to order my CUL stick from here but it is gibing me so many options in CUL stick and antennas.
i am confused"

would be great to read your views and suggestions