Working parameters and actions using OH and homematic CCU2

I’ve been working with OpenHAB for a few month mainly using MQTT and Arduino in order to connect sensors and actors. That works quite well and MQTT has proven to be a reliable as well as easy to implement broker.

Next I’ve bought a homematic CCU2 and the thermostat HM-CC-RT-DN. I got it working standalone and together with OpenHAB. It’s easy to start with the most obvious parameters like:

My question is actually about a list (examples) of working parameters and actions in case you are using the CCU2. The OpenHAB homematic binding documentation does not differentiate between CCU2 and e.g. Homegear.
So e.g.: Switch Reload_Rssi {homematic=“action=reload_rssi”} does not work with my CCU2. And what about BUTTON_LOCK to lock the device for manual Intervention.

On the other hand I’ve called the homematic device documenation (238 pager) in which unfortunately not all options are described - only the obvious ones.

Does someone of you can provide a list of all working parameters and actions with OpenHAB 1.7 binding and homematic CCU2? That would be really great and reduce time for trail and error.

Many thanks in advance.



There is still the question of a list including all working parameter for OpenHAB and homematic CCU2. I’ve started to trail and error and latest result is as follows:

  • working parameter
    Number RadiatorActualTemp “Actual temperature [%.1f °C]” {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=4, parameter=ACTUAL_TEMPERATURE”}
    Number RadiatorSetTemp “Set temperature [%.1f °C]” {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=4, parameter=SET_TEMPERATURE”}
    Number RadiatorControlMode “Given modus [MAP(]” {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=4, parameter=CONTROL_MODE”}
    Number RadiatorValveState “Valve state [%.1f %%]” {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxx, channel=4, parameter=VALVE_STATE”}
    Number RadiatorBatteryState “Battery voltage [%.1fV]” {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=4, parameter=BATTERY_STATE”}
    String RadiatorBatteryType “Battery type [%s]” {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=0, parameter=BATTERY_TYPE”}
    Number RadiatorLowBat “Battery low [MAP(]” {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=0, parameter=LOWBAT”}
    //0=reachable und 1=unreachable; takes up to 10 minutes
    Number RadiatorUnreach “Reachable [MAP(]” {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=0, parameter=UNREACH”}
    //RSSI update
    Number RadiatorRssiDevice “Field intensity [%d dbm]” {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=0, parameter=RSSI_DEVICE”}
    Switch Reload_Rssi {homematic=“action=RELOAD_RSSI”}

  • not working parameter
    //Lock ?
    Switch RadiatorLock “Lock [%d]” {homematic=“address=MEQxxxxxxx, channel=0, parameter=INHIBIT”}

So OpenHAB indentifies INHIBIT as valid parameter but I can’t see any changes when I set it to ON or OFF - for thermostat HM-CC-RT-DN. Would someone have got an idea how this is going to work? I’m after to lock my thermostat so might be INHIBIT or I’ve seen as well BUTTON_LOCK but this is not accepted as valid parameter on all channels.


I’m also interested in this. I was using homegear and have done it with a script like this:

$Client->send("putParamset", array(1, 0, "MASTER", array("BUTTON_LOCK" => true)));