Works with Google Assistant support

I’ve been doing some searching on the forums and haven’t found anything regarding this issue specifically as of yet.

As most people probably already know the Works With Nest program is no longer accepting new developer accounts, shutting off access to the Nest API. Google states, however, that they will be migrating these features to the Works With Google Assistant program.

I fully realize this is a volunteer based community so it’s dependent on who has the time and availability to work on these things but I thought I would inquire as to whether anyone currently has plans to see if there’s a possibility of OpenHAB integrating with the Works With Google Assistant service.

I haven’t researched what it would take and what the requirements are as of yet but I thought I’d at least start a discussion. If this is already being done or discussed please let me know and I will refer to that discussion.


Google has stayed that only vetted third parties well have access to Nest data through Works with Google. If IFTTT doesn’t make the cut what hope does OH have?

However, they recently announced that they will allow individuals access to some parts of the API so there is still hope. But it’s just talk at this point.

There is nothing Google has published yet that will allow anyone here to even state such an integration, assuming it ever becomes possible.

I just dug around a bit and I found this:

This seems to be how Google intends for developers to be able to access Google/Nest devices. Unfortunately it seems like it might be some time until it’s ready but it might be worth looking at.

The Individual Device Access sandbox will open in late 2020.

Looks like we would have to wait a bit…