Works With Nest - Deprecating on August 31, 2019

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On what grounds is this information based?

As down as I am on Google/Nest in this regard, I would expect that something along the same lines as how the Works with Nest will work with the personal API they announced. The difference between “personal” and “commercial” in these APIs usually boils down to how many users you have. I would expect the personal API to be locked down to one to 20 users. And each individual user will have to go on to the web site, create an account, and register for an API key, just like they did for WWN.

openHAB, or more specifically will never be considered “personal” and we will never be allowed to use the Works with Google API. But each openHAB user should be able to establish their own individual connection through the personal API without problem.


You can only hope until somebody tries. :frowning:

There are tons of precedent both within Google and from other service providers. You need look no farther than the weather bindings or the way that Works with Nest worked. If Google creates a personal API they can’t really prevent us from creating a binding to use it. They can prevent us from building it into our service. They can limit how many computers or users are able to connect to it. But they cannot prevent a user from creating their own API key and interacting with it in what ever way they choose, be it from a browser, the command line using curl, a Python script, or an openHAB bindings.

It’d be pointless otherwise.


Off topic but I think on passion here is for local data and privacy and maybe the tide is turning just a bit. It’s interesting to see former Googler launching products that fit this niche like security camera systems. For me it’s a lot like local food. Not only do you get a hobby and privacy but you get to see others at their best! Thanks for all of you contributions to the community

If you go to the link that @defcon8 posted, there is an application for commercial developers.

I feel everyone is looking at this from the wrong perspective. By commercial it means ‘a business’ is using the api for financial gain by selling their product ‘with integration’. The likes of openhab and other open source software doesn’t violate this whilst being used on a personal level.
If it was for instance fibaro or Vera integrating into their hubs then this would violate it. The other grey area (without reading it’s grey) would be if a business used openhab on a commercial level, however, if a binding was developed by an individual and not by said company then it would probably still be covered under openhab s open source licence.

Does that include Home Assistant who charges for their cloud service to employ developers? I think open source and non-commercial are two different things.

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Correct, but Google still needs to make the API available for use to the likes of openHAB and other open soruce software. Until they release their API for “Device Access for Individuals” API there isn’t anything made available by Google for us to integrate with. That’s the whole point. It’s not a licensing concern. Google simple won’t let the likes of openHAB connect to the Works with Google API.

For software like openHAB, they will offer a separate API that we can connect to hopefully later this year. But it will certainly require similar steps as was done with the old Nest binding, obtaining an API key and the like by each individual user.

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So i have an existing developer account and my Openhabian worked fine.
I upgraded my raspberry to a Pi4 and the Nest link was broken.
when i restored my old raspberry with an old Mem-iso the link worked again.
is there a chance i can transfer the files over to the new openhab and make it work with the new RPI4?
any thoughts on the files to move over?
do i first install Nest binding v1.0 and then overwrite the files?

A few posts before this one in this thread, you’ll see that I recently upgraded from the Nest 1.x binding to the 2.x. To do this I needed to get my access token, productid and productsecret. The access token is the thing you cannot generate anymore. You can easily see the other two in your current next config, but OH hides the access token here (on my openhabian install) /srv/openhab2-userdata/.java/.userPrefs

With these three pieces of data, install the nest binding in PaperUI, click to config, click on advanced options and put these three in. I highly suspect you’ll have an operational Nest 2.x binding on the new system.


Thanks Tom. I just saw it. Will try tomorrow.
As far as the future of nest, I’m secretly hoping some one will find out a way to open up a local link with the nest hack and have openhab control the nest directly over local Lan. This whole nest fiasco made me Rethink my future investment in cloud devices. I rather void warranty at this point and buy a zwave thermostat then trust a cloud device again.

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Good catch! Got it working!


I highly suspect this does not affect the API that the OH Nest binding is interfacing.


my Nest seems not to communicate with openhab anymore - just since yesterday. Anybody else experiencing this? Or is it just me?

Thank you!



My 3 Nest protects are fine. No issues here so far.


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I’m gonna try and figure out what happend with my Nest Bridge THing then!

I just found out today that my church purchased and installed some Nest cameras, and I’ve been pulled in to make a modest security system work. I don’t have any existing Nest or WWN accounts. Some of the things I’d like to be able to do (from OH2 if Google Homes doesn’t already provide) via the Nest binding;

  1. Monitor reports such as video motion detection during certain times of the day (e.g., 10PM to 7am), in order to send email or SMS to x number of people, who would respond according to whomever is ‘on call’.

  2. Obtain video feed to perform various video analytics (as I already do at my home, with an example test shown here).

  3. All sorts of other rules based on other aspects of the Nest binding capabilities.

Is there a summary of what someone can do at this time using OH2 without an existing Nest account? The Google FAQ page with a myriad number of link trails is not very helpful at this time. All I am able to ascertain at this time is that any overarching solution would need to be Google-based without sufficient (or perhaps any) access via OH2. It looks like I’d have to leverage Nest Secure, etc.

Yes and it’s very short. You can’t do anything. Well, that’s not strictly true. You can share your video camera feeds publicly (i.e. anyone on the internet with the right URL can see the feed) and then embed that on your sitemap/HABPanel using a Webview.

Beyond that, Nest is now is a completely walled off garden. There is no way I know of to integrate anything from Nest with OH unless you have a legacy WWN account with an app already created.

There is some work on GitHub with some Python code that appears to work by web scraping but as far as I can tell the functionality is quite limited.

I think your options are:

  1. Wait until the end of this year beginning of next year to see what Google’s new API for individuals like us to use is released.

  2. Send the Nests back and pick something else.

  3. Not have the Nest stuff integrated with OH.