Works With Nest - Deprecating on August 31, 2019

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@wborn - Did you receive the announcement from Google Nest today?

Everything will be via Google Assistant but it is not clear whether some sort of direct API control to devices will be available.

Yep… I just received the announcement as well. I just bought 3 Nest stats for my house 3 weeks ago and the ONLY reason I went with Nest is because it had an open API and openhab integration. I also received a second announcement that they will be terminating the works with Nest API, so this means no more openhab integration with Nest with the current binding.

Message below:

Today, Nest and Google Home teams have joined forces and are now Google Nest, and we want to share some news about upcoming changes to Works with Nest that will affect your product integration.

Works with Nest was created in 2014, at a time when there was no central platform to manage and control Nest devices alongside other smart home devices. Since we introduced Works with Nest, the Google Assistant has evolved into a leading connected home platform, letting users manage all their connected home devices from Google, Nest, and third-party device partners in one place.

Moving forward, we will wind down the Works with Nest developer program on August 31, 2019, and focus on delivering a single consumer and developer experience through the Works with Google Assistant program.

As a Works with Nest developer, you and your users will no longer be able to access and control Nest devices once the Works with Nest APIs are turned off on August 31. Because we understand this may impact your users’ experience with our products, we want to notify you well in advance so you can prepare for these changes.

Important dates, information, and resources to help you through the transition:

• Works with Nest API deprecation date. Nest device APIs will be turned off August 31, 2019.
• Nest Account to Google Account migration. Early this summer, we will invite Nest Account holders to migrate to a Google Account to align our systems, accounts, and platforms.

  • During account migration, users will be asked to remove their Works with Nest connections.
  • Once migration is completed, all of their Works with Nest connections will no longer work. This action is not reversible.
    • Works with Nest badge retirement. We are officially retiring the Works with Nest consumer-facing badge. If you are currently using the Works with Nest badge, we ask that you remove it no later than August 31. For packaging and hard marketing material, please remove it at your next revision.
    • Service Shutdown Reminder. We will notify all Nest Account holders and developers by email at least 2 weeks before the Works with Nest service is turned off.
    • For more detailed information, see our What’s Happening at Nest FAQ page. Please provide this link to customers who want to learn more about these changes.

And Ecobee market share goes up by 10 points…in 10…9…8…7…6…5…


Yes I received the announcement @meingraham. :confused: AFAIK the works with Nest program was already on hold for a while. We’ll have to see what the replacement will be and if they proceed with all of this. They won’t be the first to change course after being hit by a severe public outlash (see Logitech Harmony).

My thoughts exactly!

When I went to sign up a few weeks ago, there was a “signups are on hold” message on the Nest website, but someone else here said that you could get around it. I wasn’t concerned enough to try.

So just had a quick read…
No 3rd party api integration allowed!
Well, I can quite happily say my nest protects will be returned under warranty as they no longer work as per the description when I bought them at Xmas.


I’ve a Nest since 2012. I’m starting to look at replacing it with an Open Source thermostat. I may also get rid of everything related to google…

From their FAQ:

(Who disables copy and paste on their FAQ? Sheesh)

As the FAQ says, is supposed to be the replacement for it. We will have to see whether that replacement is close to what we need.

There is a “coming soon” section called Local Control which might actually be a boon for us. But it definitely looks like Google want’s to be the hub so the amount of control we would have from OH remains to be seen.

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So what will we use now? Whats the next best connected t-stat? I bought my Nest many years ago before I realized why I might want local control and not just the “cloud” api. In the end it worked OK with openHAB, but if I’m going to replace it because connection to openHAB gets purposely borked by Google I’m gona buy something with local control. Anyone with good/bad experiences with other brands?

I have Drayton wiser, 8trvs and 1 stat, can’t fault it. Local control as standard. Binding is in its infancy but works
I need a solution for my smokes/co2… anyone good bad experiences? Not much choice to be fair which is why I went for the nest protects

@tommycw10 Ecobee has been a great choice for me…works great with OH.


I can see why people would ditch Nest Thermostats over this, but I’m inclined to stick with my Nest Protect until its service life is up. It runs its own tests every month, calmly alerts me when there’s smoke instead of sounding the alarm (usually when I’m frying bacon), and has the great pathlight feature at night. If there’s a fire while I’m away, I’ll get a notification on my phone. And for now there’s IFTTT support (I’d be surprised if that goes away in August).

Most importantly, the Nest Protect is almost universally accepted as the best fire alarm and CO2 detector you can buy right now. I care more about that than integrating it into OH.

A zwave thermostat would meet your requirements for local control. I don’t know sophisticated any of them are, but OH could certainly make up for that, supplemented by some zwave temperature sensors.

Received this from IFTTT today as well:

On August 31, 2019, Nest will be retiring its Works with Nest program. In turn, Nest services on IFTTT will no longer work due to this change.

The services impacted are:

Nest Thermostat
Nest Protect
Nest Cam
Your Nest Applets will remain active until the end of August, when they will then be turned off and removed. We will send another reminder before Nest Applets are turned off permanently.

For more information, please see the Nest FAQ.

At IFTTT, we believe every thing works better together. We look forward to working with Google and others to help consumers benefit from and control their data.

Thank you for your understanding.

The IFTTT Team

But she’s ecobee have local control?

Some people I agree may be overreacting but for me retaining the ability to control the thermostat (specifically the fan) is my air conditioner. I turn the fan on based on non-nest thermometers, not that best would allow me to do this with even with nest satellite thermometers. So when the API guess down I lose my air conditioner during the hottest month off the year. I can’t stay with nest now, at heart for tstat. I’ll keep the Best Hello since I never have and never expected to be able to integrate it into OH. I’ll do some experiments with OrangeAssist - Google Assistant Integration which I think will let me continue to keep the Best. Everyone on this thread should check it out for sure. But I might just go with a replacement, one that doesn’t require a cloud service.

According to Engaget, IFTTT is not one of the select few third party services that will continue to work with Nest so I would count on that integration working past August. Though Google will often set an end of life deadline and extend it at times and charge plans after an announcement like this.

I did a quick search and Honeywell has a number of zwave thermostats that look good. It’s hard to tell though which if any allow me to control the fan separately. If chose ecobee but it it requires a cloud service if just as soon not run this risk again.

For sure, I agree with you on the thermostats. I was referring only to the Nest Protect fire alarms.

I can appreciate that some people might be so annoyed with Google as to remove all devices, but at this point in time I don’t think there’s a better option than the Nest Protect when it comes to life safety.

Why are all the zwave thermostats so ugly? If you want something that doesn’t look like a crappy white box on the wall you have to go with something that requires a cloud service to interact with. Grumble.


I remember hearing about a real “sexy” thermostat “if one can call a thermostat sexy” called GLAS.

It was going to be OLED based and have a voice assistant built in.

I don’t know if it can be cloud free or not…just remembered it was a really cool looking way to control your HVAC.

Squid :squid:

There’s a baseboard thermostat called a Mysa that looks fantastic.

Really though, the weird thing is that thermostats are either futuristic, ugly, or both. I’d rather have fewer things calling attention to themselves on my walls.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to Microsoft’s Cortana thermostat?