Works With Nest - Deprecating on August 31, 2019

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I have Drayton wiser, 8trvs and 1 stat, can’t fault it. Local control as standard. Binding is in its infancy but works
I need a solution for my smokes/co2… anyone good bad experiences? Not much choice to be fair which is why I went for the nest protects

@tommycw10 Ecobee has been a great choice for me…works great with OH.


I can see why people would ditch Nest Thermostats over this, but I’m inclined to stick with my Nest Protect until its service life is up. It runs its own tests every month, calmly alerts me when there’s smoke instead of sounding the alarm (usually when I’m frying bacon), and has the great pathlight feature at night. If there’s a fire while I’m away, I’ll get a notification on my phone. And for now there’s IFTTT support (I’d be surprised if that goes away in August).

Most importantly, the Nest Protect is almost universally accepted as the best fire alarm and CO2 detector you can buy right now. I care more about that than integrating it into OH.

A zwave thermostat would meet your requirements for local control. I don’t know sophisticated any of them are, but OH could certainly make up for that, supplemented by some zwave temperature sensors.

Received this from IFTTT today as well:

On August 31, 2019, Nest will be retiring its Works with Nest program. In turn, Nest services on IFTTT will no longer work due to this change.

The services impacted are:

Nest Thermostat
Nest Protect
Nest Cam
Your Nest Applets will remain active until the end of August, when they will then be turned off and removed. We will send another reminder before Nest Applets are turned off permanently.

For more information, please see the Nest FAQ.

At IFTTT, we believe every thing works better together. We look forward to working with Google and others to help consumers benefit from and control their data.

Thank you for your understanding.

The IFTTT Team

But she’s ecobee have local control?

Some people I agree may be overreacting but for me retaining the ability to control the thermostat (specifically the fan) is my air conditioner. I turn the fan on based on non-nest thermometers, not that best would allow me to do this with even with nest satellite thermometers. So when the API guess down I lose my air conditioner during the hottest month off the year. I can’t stay with nest now, at heart for tstat. I’ll keep the Best Hello since I never have and never expected to be able to integrate it into OH. I’ll do some experiments with OrangeAssist - Google Assistant Integration which I think will let me continue to keep the Best. Everyone on this thread should check it out for sure. But I might just go with a replacement, one that doesn’t require a cloud service.

According to Engaget, IFTTT is not one of the select few third party services that will continue to work with Nest so I would count on that integration working past August. Though Google will often set an end of life deadline and extend it at times and charge plans after an announcement like this.

I did a quick search and Honeywell has a number of zwave thermostats that look good. It’s hard to tell though which if any allow me to control the fan separately. If chose ecobee but it it requires a cloud service if just as soon not run this risk again.

For sure, I agree with you on the thermostats. I was referring only to the Nest Protect fire alarms.

I can appreciate that some people might be so annoyed with Google as to remove all devices, but at this point in time I don’t think there’s a better option than the Nest Protect when it comes to life safety.

Why are all the zwave thermostats so ugly? If you want something that doesn’t look like a crappy white box on the wall you have to go with something that requires a cloud service to interact with. Grumble.


I remember hearing about a real “sexy” thermostat “if one can call a thermostat sexy” called GLAS.

It was going to be OLED based and have a voice assistant built in.

I don’t know if it can be cloud free or not…just remembered it was a really cool looking way to control your HVAC.

Squid :squid:

There’s a baseboard thermostat called a Mysa that looks fantastic.

Really though, the weird thing is that thermostats are either futuristic, ugly, or both. I’d rather have fewer things calling attention to themselves on my walls.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to Microsoft’s Cortana thermostat?

I totally agree and is why I chose the protects in the first place. Just so annoyed.
It’s not ‘just’ integration with openhab. Smart phone notifications are ok but if no ones home and the primary users phones are on silent, an autodialler to a few contacts to tell em my house is going to burn down doesn’t go a miss

The thing I find annoying about the Nest Protect is that they haven’t bothered exploring its potential. There are lots of great features that could have been introduced (such as reaching out to emergency contacts) for the benefit of all users, but development has been non-existent.

It’s also surprising to me that well-known life-safety brands haven’t responded. The Nest Protect showed that you can do more than just sounding a really loud alarm…but the mass-produced brands would still rather sell you a cheap detector that does the bare minimum.

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I think this can also be said for the Nest thermostat and the Nest temperature sensors. Geofencing, Home/Away scheduling, a consumer interface for the ETA feature, flexibility in assigning the temperature sensors to a more granular schedule. They changed the way people think about thermostats and then they sat on their thumbs.

I’m more than annoyed about this too. First weatherUnderground, now Google. My OpenHAB pushes the Nest to ‘away’ within 10 minutes when nobody’s at home. Left to it’s own devices the Nest thermostat takes around an hour, so Google have not only sold me a product they have just removed a key feature from, they want to waste my money too

I also faced this problem but I found the Heatit devices

Nice looking stat, but it appears to be a heating only thermostat. Bummer they don’t make a Heat/Cool model.

got the same email… nice, i bought 6 nest protects in the last 3 weeks… im glad i don’t have a nest thermostat here.

It is very pretty but it appears to be wifi only, requires a cloud service, and offers no API that I can find so no OH integration.


I have forced air so that won’t work. But there is a Honeywell WiFi model that requires their cloud service that looks very similar.

But once again I’ll be stuck with a cloud service for integration. But at least there is a binding.

The appearance matters to me somewhat because it’s almost the first thing one sees when the come through the front door.

That one looks good too but it won’t work with forced air natural gas heating which is what I have.

When you look at listicles like this or this with one exception (the Remotec which being all black would stand out too much on the wall) they are all white rectangles with a calculator style LCD display, or if they do look OK they only work with certain brands of heaters or require an account with a third party service.

It really appears I need to either go with another cloud based service or live with an ugly thermostat that looks like it hasn’t changed designs in the past 20 years. :frowning:

I can’t get too mad at Nest. I never paid for the Nest in the first place (promotional gift from my power company). But I have grown accustomed to how easy it is to use and how unobtrusive it is on the wall.

I’m curious if anyone here works for any of these companies making these “cloud required” thermostats? I’m honestly curious why this seems to be a nearly universal requirement to use the companies cloud and why almost universally the thermostats have no local connection possibilities.

I think most people will say something like “profit” or “they want your data”, but is that really true? What data do they really have, hey someone is home as 1234 Qwerty Street and what temp do they like? Lets say they compile that data and try to sell it, who is buying and why?

I guess another option is trying to lock you into their ecosystem, so you buy only their products. I suppose that could be a thing.

Another I’m thinking of, is it just too complicated for most people to connect these to some kind of system? So they offer the system?

I imagine maintaining servers all over the world and the security of those servers can be quite costly. I’m really curious what the motivation is.

Anybody think we might be overreacting a bit here? Google did say they were rolling it into the “Actions on Google SmartHome” api. I know it’s concerning not knowing any of the details, but assuming they just provide a slightly different way to access an (possibly improved) API, it shouldn’t matter too much.

Obviously our beloved Nest binding would have to be re-written, but I’m hoping this isn’t the end of the world. As long as we can read back the data and write data via the Google Actions API, it doesn’t matter so much to me if the API is directly tied to the Nest Device or Google’s assistant.

Maybe some neglected devices (looking at you Nest Hello) might get access to APIs that weren’t previously available like Doorbell Pushed!!!

Possibly pie in the sky especially considering we are dealing with Google, but let’s not jump the gun just yet.