Wrangling semantic Equipment group configuration textually

I am having trouble getting textually-configured Equipment to automatically show up in the layout that I want it to in the automatically populated “Locations” and Equipment tab. Specifically, I would like to group the same type of equipment in a room under a singular heading (“Windows” in this case).

Here are the two results I’m able to achieve:

Attempt 1:

Group XXXXXRoom_Window1 "XXXXX's Room Window" (Smart_Window, XXXXXRoom)  ["Window"] {listWidget="widget:windowstate_list"[item="XXXXXRoom_Window1_Status",title="Yard-facing"]}
String XXXXXRoom_Window1_Status "Yard-facing"  <window>  (XXXXXRoom_Window1)  ["OpenState"] {listWidget="widget:windowstate_list"[title="Yard-facing"]}
Group XXXXXRoom_Window2 "XXXXX's Room Window" (Smart_Window, XXXXXRoom)  ["Window"] {listWidget="widget:windowstate_list"[item="XXXXXRoom_Window2_Status",title="Alleyway-facing"]}
String XXXXXRoom_Window2_Status "Alleyway-facing"  <window>  (XXXXXRoom_Window2)  ["OpenState"] {listWidget="widget:windowstate_list"[title="Alleyway-facing"]}


Badges successfully show up in the location card according to window state, and while the points and their widgets render properly, there’s also the pesky equipment label that shows up twice. In the Equipment tab, the windows points are also not grouped by room but instead all individually have their own heading.

Attempt 2:

Group XXXXXRoom_Window "XXXXX's Room Windows" (Smart_Window, XXXXXRoom) ["Window"] 
Group XXXXXRoom_Window1 "XXXXX's Room Window" (Smart_Window, XXXXXRoom_Window)  ["Window"] {listWidget="widget:windowstate_list"[item="XXXXXRoom_Window1_Status",title="Yard-facing"]}
String XXXXXRoom_Window1_Status "Yard-facing"  <window>  (XXXXXRoom_Window1)  ["OpenState"] {listWidget="widget:windowstate_list"[title="Yard-facing"]}
Group XXXXXRoom_Window2 "XXXXX's Room Window" (Smart_Window, XXXXXRoom_Window)  ["Window"] {listWidget="widget:windowstate_list"[item="XXXXXRoom_Window2_Status",title="Alleyway-facing"]}
String XXXXXRoom_Window2_Status "Alleyway-facing"  <window>  (XXXXXRoom_Window2)  ["OpenState"] {listWidget="widget:windowstate_list"[title="Alleyway-facing"]}


Here I’ve placed both Window equipments into another group of type Window. In the location tab, only this group shows up now and I need to click on it to show a popup, a popup which however properly shows just the window state widgets without any additional label bars. Unfortunately, in the Equipment Windows card, the group shows up but the contained Window items do too.

Question: What’s the best way to do this? I want my window items grouped by location so the headings don’t duplicate. I want it to look something like this (poor photoshop):

Here, the badges still work, and the windows are grouped by what location they are in.

Do I need to write a custom group list widget or something? Thanks!

This is not possible at this time. There are some settings that might help you get a little ways towards your goal. Open Settings → Pages → Home Page and at the bottom you have some options for how the Points and Equipment are represented in the cards. These settings cannot be made from text configs. You must use MainUI to change them. But that also means these settings are independent from the model itself.

The cards are going to display everything according to the model.

In your model you have two Equipments, XXXXXRoom_Window1 and XXXXXRoom_Window2. It appears that the label shows up twice because both equipment Groups have the exact same label.

That’s by design. The Equipment tab cards do not group things based on location. In fact, unless you mess with the settings I pointed out above, the Location won’t appear in the Equipment and Properties cards at all (unless you happen to mention the location in the Item’s label). You can change the settings so that the full location and equipment hierarchy is shown in the heading label for each equipment.

And they have their own equipment heading/label because that too is by design. The equipment is grouped by type on the Equipment tab and then listed by equipment with that label separating the different instances of the equipment.

Note that it’s not unusual for a single piece of equipment to have multiple points.

One of the options in the settings above will change the pop-up to an accordion list. But this too is by design. You now have a parent Equipment made up of two subEquipments which each have their own Points. You’ve set up a hierarchy.

If you want all the windows to show up as one Equipment, get rid of the Window1 and Window2 Equipment Groups entirely.

In general, the cards are going to display your model as you’ve defined it. Adding more Equipment Groups and building a hierarchy of groups is going to cause that hierarchy to be represented in the cards. Creating a separate equipment for each window means you’re going to see each window in the cards as a separate Equipment. If you want all your windows grouped together as one “thing”, put them into one Equipment Group together without any other Equipment Groups.