Write 4Byte (DPT 14.007) to KNX-Bus


I’am new to openHAB - so please be patient…

This is my item definition:

Number Geraet_OG3_SchreibtischSollPosition “Soll Position [%.1f °]” {knx=“14.007:1/1/1”}

within a rule I need to write a new calculated value to KNX:

var Number SollPos

    SollPos = 50.0;

    logInfo( "EW-OG3-Schreibtisch", "Drehbühne auf Position (" + SollPos + ") fahren");


logInfo is working fine and info is promted to the “openhab-log”-file. But nothing happens on the knx-side. I also tried


Anyone knows how to write 4-Byte Values to the knx-bus?


I made a workarround. Now I send my changed values as string. Within Gira HomeServer I definied a ‘converter’. Gira has a function to convert ‘StringToFloat’. So openHAB sends the value as string, Gira HS converts it to float and then writes it to the knx-bus.

It would be great if someone could check this. A solution for writing 4Byte values (DPT 14.007) would be great!