Wrong Icons in Basic UI on iPad

Did anyone ever encounter wrong icons within BasicUI on iPad?

(see the roller shutter icons which don’t shop up and down icons but a disc and scissor instead).

I somewhere learned that basic ui uses a font to show this which is not available on iPad.

Does anyone have a solution for this?


I am surprised that no one else has this issue? Could at least someone confirm seeing the same? :sunny:

I digged deeper into this issue and even debugged on the iPad. It is basically related to iPad 2 and the fact that it is running “only” iOS 9.x which cannot be upgraded to 10.

It is actually possible to solve it. It seems that iOS9 has issues loading the materialicons font “locally”. If they would have loaded not from the server but from remote (=google) then it would work. Unfortunately I have no idea how to tweak the basicui code before delivering the response from the server to the client. If there was a change to “inject” my own css, it could maybe do something but there seems to be no way of doing that.

It seems I need to get rid of my iPad2 and use an iPad3 instead…