Wrong item height when having a "value-only item"

Hey All,

i have noticed, that a text label in the webview will result in a “half-row entry” when it has no description

Sitemap entry for offline devices:

Text item="[Offline]" icon="icon_ofline" visibility=[client==OFF]

In HABdroid the display is correct, but in the webview i will have a “half-row” item.
I do not want to have a description in the text label, because it would be next to the icon.

Is there a way to enter a non visible empty sign / character as description?

I fixed it by adding a non visible character "ㅤ"
The non visible character is within the quotes

This could be used in the following cases:

Value-only item
Text item="ㅤ[Offline]" icon="icon_ofline" visibility=[client==OFF]
Icon only Item
Switch item=Audio_Ch icon="audio_64" label="ㅤ" visibility=[Audio==ON] mappings=[1="1 📺", 2="2 📻", 3="3 🖥", 4="4 ❌"]