Wrong popup notification in Android openHAB Beta


I have Openhab installed sending pushmessages using

sendNotification("user1","This is a test")

In myopenhab these messages only show up for user1.

In the Android-app openHAB Beta I get the following behavior:

  • user1 sees the notification in “notifications” (expected behavior) and receives pop-up (expected behavior)
  • user2 does not see the notification in “notifications” (expected behavior) but receives pop-ups (not expected behavior)

I assumed, that user2 should not get pop-ups. I can use workarounds with pushover/… but I would like to understand the app in order to reach high WAF.

Thanks for any hint!

Best regards


after several tests, I assume (!) this is a problem with myopenHAB, but I still wonder why I seem to be alone with this problem.

Searching the forum I found this topic
myopenHAB Mobile Notifications Temporarily Disabled)
and I remember that my account was affected by this problem.

@digitaldan… is it possible, this is some kind of “leftover” from above problem?

Thank you
Best regards