Wrong user password combination

  • Platform information: openHABIan

I have installed the image openhabian on my Raspi 3 and unfortunately I can’t disagree with the user password combination as it appears in the documentation. This is very frustrating. So openhab:habopen doesn’t work.

SSH Login or what are you talking about?

No. I meant the console login. After the initial setup.

Did you try to change it like this?

I can do nothing. I am not able to login to make somethimng with the raspi.

Did you use openhabian? If tho @ThomDietrich could help

Which console?

Karaf console (aka openHAB console) is openhab:habopen by default.
Raspbian Console (ssh console) is openhabian:openhabian by default.

right. I got it. Thanx