WS2812/NeoPixel Control with proper protocol

Hello community,

I am looking for a solution to build my own lamps with both WS2812/NeoPixel AND warm-white LED strips inside.

I want to be able to control the WS2812 with freely programmable animations, like jinx or glediator (or similar) from a computer. If the computer is off, i would still like to be able to perform simple colour commands and (maybe) some pre-programmed animations. As the lamp is located on the ceiling and i cannot access the wiring, a WIFI solution would be very preferable.

This means that basically, the used protocol must be working with both the WS2812 LED controller AND openHAB. I have found this device: but it uses the protocol which is not (yet?) supported by openHAB. Another device is the SEDU board V3 which comes at a rather high pricetag but supports more protocols. However, Another device for the control of the warm-white LEDs would still be necessary

Another idea would be to use two devices for the different controls which both access the WS2812 DATA port, e.g. one of the mentioned (diamex or SEDU) and an RPi zero.

I’d like to limit the coding effort on this (not that great at coding…) and also the pricetag.

I am asking here if further methods of WS2812b control from Windows-Software through openHAB and from openHAB interface directly is known here.


Another option would be just one RPi with OLA or similar software. I need to investigate if it is possible to drive it through openHAB.

What about Tinkerforge?
An led bricklet which can be used to control various led strips is available: and also a wifi extension:
And you can find the binding here.
Unfortunately, the price tag is a little bit high if you only want to control the led strips …

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Just a quick update on this: I have succeeded using ESP8266 with the ArtnetWifi library for Arduino:

Now I have a cheap way to talk to my Lamps via the Artnet protocol from different sources. Simple and easy! Of course I can add an additional GPIO Pin to control additional things.

Hi David,
could you explain better how control ws2812 via openhab?
i would do it too but i don’t know how to start.

Hi Andrea,

I’m still working on it but I have a plan now how to get it to work!

I am on vacation but I will write a longer post once I get back to it.