WTF, community? Dead?

What’s happened with Openhab, guys?
Few years ago I’ve used OH v2 and have been happy with working functionality.

But now…
I see OH v3 UI and I want to cry… But it’s not a problem. Ok.

I’ve downloaded latest Openhabian 1.71 and flashed it.
And what have I seen? Nothing. UI doesn’t work from the beggining of installation.
Ok. I’ve repeat for Openhabian 1.66. And what have I seen?:slight_smile: Infinite reboot!!!

Openhab guys, is project dead? You gave development access to hand-ass guys?
Please, if this is too hard to implement new nice versions, no experts, may be this will be a good idea to NOT BREAK OLD versions?

Raspberry Pi 4B. I may guess I’m stupid but I wait Openhabian will work fine after first installation.

All I can say is for the vast majority of users it does work the first time, every time. You’ve not provided any technical details like logs, list of steps followed, or anything like that so there is nothing I nor any of the rest of us hand-ass guys can do to help. And with attitude like this few would probably want to if they could.

I’ve seen no reports of openHABian 1.71 not working. I’ve seen no reports ever of 1.66 infinitely rebooting. So I guess it sucks to be you. Or maybe we can cut with the attitude, provide some technical details and we can get to the bottom of this.


Attitude aside, 90%+ of PI images that reboot loop are due to bad flash’s, and/or failing/defective sd cards and/or underpowered power supplies.


Hey man, I haven’t said bad about you personally, please hold your negatives.
Also, I won’t share any details or journals because I won’t any help and waste time for it. This is major stable release and it MUST work. At lease 1.71 openhabian.

Installation from the APK command works fine. On clean raspbian OS.

So, say hello to openhabian OS creation guy.

May be. I’ve used Etcher flash program from manual.
And I’ve never had problems with my flash card. After openhabian I’ve flashed raspbian OS to this flash and it works fine. The infinite reboot is because of openhabian initial setup. It says “openhabian initial setup is done, reboot is required” every time.

Must say this is definitely a very warm and inviting post… No help wanted just a rant.

File under pointless

You did not attack him personally, but kind of everyone at the same time:

Also, take note that OH is a solution developed by people in their “free” time, as is openhabian.
It is not a commercial product. Hence you should at least show a certain level of maturity and attitude/behavior in the forum and recognize those efforts (which btw. are used in multiple systems across multiple OSs without issues). With your first post you exactly did the opposite.
If you do not agree with above, you always have the choice to use a commercial product and pay for it, simple.

Now back to solving your issue: you should post logs from your openhabian install so that people can look into it (as mentioned before).


And mass addition to my negatives.
This is dead z-wave part of OH v3. Any alarm sensors of devices are dead.
But worked at OH v2. Thanks for destoying.

Clinophobic, yes it is. THe OH v3 is dead version for z-wave. I’m really angry because I waste a lot of time to learn OH v2 and connect my own smart home solution application to it.
But what do I see now? I see that it’s impossible to install OH v2 via openhabian and APT-GET following documentation. And it’s impossible to use OH v3. What kind of help I may expect if nothing works?

Chris, dear, I don’t attack all guys, I attack hand-ass guys who destroyed working OH v2.
Yes, surely I know that it’s not commertial project and people develop it at their free time, I really appritiate guys who created OH v2. And simultaneously I’m mad at guys who created dead OH v3, and killed working version OH v2.

As a developer I think that “free” oder “OpenSource” is no justification for bugs. And - at least to my knowledge - none of the openHAB developers doesn’t care about fixing them. And “paid” software is not free of bugs either.

But of course there is a difference in what and how you can “demand” something, depending on if you paid for it or if you got it for free. @Imba’s way definitely leads to nowhere.


I rest my case.
Again, you just provided rants without any logs or details.
I am out, good luck.


You don’t seem to want any help or a solution instead you have all the answers, perhaps you could use this wisdom to solve the queries of other posts from members of the community.

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This is an ADMIN warning : Please mind your wording, we are not tolerating such an attitude !!!

As you have been told before, openHAB3 is working for the vast majority of users, so nobody destroyed anything. If you are not showing any logs, you might get very little help here !


I’m closing this thread. OP explicitly states he doesn’t want help, he just wants to complain and hurl abuse at the community of volunteers that make up the openHAB project.

It’s a troll thread and we’ve let far to many of these go on for far too long.

If you just want to rant and complain, shout it to the winds. If you actually want help and in turn help this community make OH better for everyone, open another thread, provide details requested and despite this thread we will do our best to get you to a working system.