WyzeCam RTSP

i just read, that Wyze will release an update for his WyzeCam regarding RTSP:

Is it then possible to add the cam into openhab2?


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Should be possible but i´m not sure if it´s a good idea to switch to this new firmware.
You´ll loose all options that are currently part of the app, like changing motion detection.
You would need to setup something like MotionEyeOS or ZoneMinder.

There´s already an alternative firmware called OpenIPC with RTSP support.

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thanks for the hint to OpenIPC.
When using OpenIPC on the cam, i’ll need a software like ZoneMinder to get some good results, correct?
(e.g. avoid to munch false alarms)

I think so because the alternative firmware only offers the RTSP and now additional “intelligence” on the camera.
So you would need an central software like ZoneMinder to get something like motion detection.

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If your camera has RTSP links check out this post…

There is a new beta firmware out that adds RTSP to Wyze Cams.