X10 binding mochad MS13


I am using Openhab on a Raspberry pi with mochad to controll my rollershutter and it works very well.
Even though I read in the documentation that mochad is one way, I notice that when I walked in front of my RF presence sensor (MS13), OpenHab receives a signal that I see in the log:

23:21:38.710 [WARN ] [.b.m.internal.MochadX10Binding:357 ] - No item name found for address 'a1’
23:21:38.713 [DEBUG] [.b.m.internal.MochadX10Binding:164 ] - Received message: 09/01 23:21:38 Tx PL HouseUnit: A1
23:21:38.731 [DEBUG] [.b.m.internal.MochadX10Binding:164 ] - Received message: 09/01 23:21:38 Tx PL House: A Func: On

I am wondering how I could use this signal to send a notification. I guess I should bind an item to this sensor but apparently mochad only accepts actuators such as light, rollershutters… (but not sensors).

Do you have an idea how I could proceed (item, rule…)?

Thanks for your help

Motion sensors are usually bound to a Switch or a Contact. Even if you bind it to a Switch does not mean that it only sends commands. It is perfectly reasonable to have a Switch that only represents the state of an a binary sensor (e.g. a motion sensor).

Try binding a Switch to a1 and see if it flips the Switch to ON when the sensor triggers. If it does then just create a rule that resets that Switch to OFF sometime after (immediately to hours depending on how long you want it to stay on after a sensor reading). You can then use that switch changing to ON to trigger a rule that sends your notification.

Hi Rich,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I just changed the item type of my MS13 to Switch and you are completely right. It works. When I pass the sensor, the switch turns on. I will now try to use it as a rule trigger.

Thanks and kind regards