Xbee 3 compatibility


I am discovering OpenHab, and I would like to setup a home automation system made with a Raspberry pi and a Digi Xbee 3 board connected directly to the Raspberry. The goal is to be able to establish communication with remote Xbee modules.

Before setting up this, I would like to be sure that OpenHab will be able to talk correclty with my Xbee 3 board. I have seen that there exist a Zigbee binding which support the Digi USB Stick and also the Xbee S2C, but nothing for the Xbee in version 3.

Any support would be appreciated,


Have you made any experience in the meantime ?
I bought a XK8X-DMS-0 kit. It’s not yet unpacked.

I’ve not found anything on the web that indicates any difference in the V3 interface compared to V2. If so, it should work fine.

The best way to find out is to unpack it, plug it in, and let us know if it works :slight_smile:

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@Wolfgang_S : Not yet,
@chris : That is right, I also did not find anything that indicates any difference, but it was just to check if anyone has already experienced this…

I will probably give some feedback in some days when I will get some time to test it :slight_smile:



You can follow my “adventures” with Xbee in the following topic :

All of this is new for me (both Xbee and Openhab), so I try to move forward…step by step…

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