Xbee with dht22

I have installed on my raspberry openhabian and i would like read dht22 temp sensor through xbee.
How i can install diyxbee?

What have you tried? My first guess would be to read the documentation? Be cautioned this v1 binding is not expected to work with the next major release of openHAB.

Thanks for reply but i don’t understand how i can add to channel

Channels belong to Things, Things were introduced by Version 2. Since this binding is Version 1 Things and Channels are not supported, just created items as written in the documentation.

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i have the last openhab installed into raspberry. Is the first or second version?

Your openHAB understand Items but your old v1 binding does not. It uses configuration files. Reasd the documentation.

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ok thanks. Read the documentation is not a explanation…Can you explain please?

I linked to the binding documentation. The developer has abandoned that binding & cannot help. Almost nobody here uses it.

If it is not important enough for you to at least try, It is not important enough for people to voluntarily assist.

Further reading.
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You have the latest openHAB.

openHAB comes with bindings:

  • V1 bindings are old, and do not have things and channels
  • V2 bindings are newer, and have things and channels

Some V1 bindings where upgraded into V2 bindings. The DIYOnXBee binding was not - it was and remains a V1 binding, with no things or channels.

As a result, you must configure your items as described on the page for DIYOnXBee.

So is it necessary to create all the parameters as indicated on the page to make it work?

I presume so. I don’t use this binding at all - just helping to explain a bit!

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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get this binding running on openhab 2.x ?
I’ve read that it is possible to install legacy bindings, but can’t find this one.
Even if it’s not possible, maybe someone can point me to the source code of this binding?
Thank you!

On OH2 you likely need to enable legacy bindings.