XBMC Status JSON requests

I have setup working XBMC items for status, title, show name, show type and I am trying to add just a few more. These are not in the Wiki but are a part of the Kodi JSON v6. I would like to be able to query Kodi and see how much time is left in a movie and also what time it will be over. Right now the Kodi UI shows this information when I press pause so I assume it is available. I have looked at the JSON documentation for Kodi and have tried Player.Position.Percentage, Player.Position.Time and Application.GetProperties.
I am not sure if I have some syntax errors or if I do not have the output format setup properly. Any help would be appreciated.

Number XBMC_Time “Movie Time Left [%1$tR]” (XBMC_Status) { xbmc="<[#livingRoom|Player.Position.Time]

Number XBMC_Time “Movie Time Left [%.1f]” (XBMC_Status) { xbmc="<[#livingRoom|Player.Position.Percentage]

Those are what I had in my items file. Any ideas or is this not supported?

@thatoneguy99 ever work this out? I can only get totaltime and it shows in a format as an example:{hours=0, milliseconds=285, minutes=42, seconds=59
I’d love to work out how to get that to HH:MM

and then work out time remaining…