Xbox one upnp

Not sure if this is the right place for this or not. I just noticed that when I turn on my xbox one I get what appears to be upnp warnings in my OH log. It’s probably not a problem but wanted to see if others had seen this. I didn’t find any mention with search:

[WARN ] [org.jupnp.transport.spi.StreamClient] - HTTP request failed: (StreamRequestMessage) GET http://a.b.x.y:2869/upnphost/udhisapi.dll?content=uuid:

I’m not a big fan of upnp to be honest. Can it be shut off on OH? I feel like much of UPNP is like locking a door and putting a bowl of keys next to it.

Depending on which bindings you use you can’t turn it off (others might know if it even can be turned off if you really don’t need it). For example, Samsung TV, Squeezebox,fritzbox and probably others depend on it to function. As you said UpNp is like shouting “Give me all you’ve got” and everybody answers. I noticed that when any binding that uses UpNp asks “Who is out there?” basically everybody answers. Messy, but hey it works :wink:

Hmm, yeah, I don’t think I have any bindings that would use it. I don’t care for auto-discovery stuff. I use the config files still and don’t even have paperui installed. Hard coded stuff works more reliably in my opinion.

Anyway, I suspect it is a core part of the runtime having to do with things discovery or something. If anybody knows more about it I would love to hear it.

Yes, auto-discovery is part of the ESH core, using different protocols like UPnP od MDNS. UPnP not only sends broadcast requests but also listens to “Here I am” messages, so thats why you see this warnings after powering your XBox. Best way would be to disable JUPnP logging on your Karaf console.
I I rembere right, you need to type

log:set DEFAULT org.jupnp

My preference would be to stop it from doing it over simply tricking myself into thinking it’s not happening :slight_smile:

I guess I can live with it so long as I know that OH won’t just give something access to itself. I have guests, cameras and even my mqtt devices on their own vlans… but I like having the OH server on my internal vlan with xbox’s harmony and iphones. I suppose I could vlan it too :frowning: