Xi Home App. No "Developer Mode"

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(James Harrington) #1

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the ‘Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding’ to control curtains. All works using the mi home app.

I’ve following the instructions about accessing the developer mode by going to ‘About’ but in the latest version of mi home on IOS, v4.7.18 it’s not there :frowning:

Any ideas?

(SiHui) #2

(James Harrington) #3

Thanks for the link. That’s the old version of the mi home software, v3.6 I think, it’s not there in v4.x.

(Vincent Regaud) #4

Does that:https://diyprojects.io/installing-including-xiaomi-smart-home-kit-home-assistant-hass/#How_to_enable_the_develop_mode_on_the_Mi_Home_app


(James Harrington) #5

Nope. That’s the same instructions I tried to follow originally, there is no ‘About’ option. Thanks tho.

Not sure if it makes any difference I’m using the ‘Smart Gateway 3’ I’ve ordered a ‘2’ to see if it makes any difference.

(James Harrington) #6

Just received the ‘Gateway’ device, ie the round one with the light and it does have the Lan Control option. The other device I’ve got is the AC Partner v3 which can act as a gateway but doesn’t seem to have this option…

Should be all good now though.


(Mike Polinowski) #7


I just bought a Mi Control Hub (Gateway) and I am also not able to find the About section to activate the Dev Mode. How can you tell what version it is? It doesn’t show me any version numbers on the box, nor in the Mi Home Android App.

(James Harrington) #8

If you’ve got the same one in the photo above, that’s the same issue I had… it doesnt show you the about section. I never managed to enable dev mode.

You need to the round one.

(Mike Polinowski) #9

I do have a round one - looks identical to the one in the YouTube video posted above. It should be the newest model - it just got on sale here in Hongkong. But unfortunately the About section is missing.

Do you know if yours (the working one) is the Chinese version? I noticed that all the Hubs that seem to work speak Chinese on initial install and you have to choose Mainland China as location.

Mine speaks Cantonese and only works with Hongkong as location. I also noticed that the app looks different when started in the “China Setting”. Maybe that is the issue. But I can’t connect to the Hub when the App is set to China…

What gateways (such as Xiaomi Aqara) are supported by openHAB