Xiamoi devices being presented twice, slightly differently

I am running OpenHab release build 2.5.5. and have been running without issues for some time.
For some weird reason though, my Xiaomi devices have started appearing in my inbox twice - with slightly dfferent naming.

When I originally added these, I imported via the PaperUI Inbox and created items files for each device.
A typical device would lappear with channels as below, & I would create the items file as below:

Number Cube_RotationAngle { channel=“mihome:sensor_cube:158d00010bf45e:rotationAngle” }
Number Cube_RotationTime { channel=“mihome:sensor_cube:158d00010bf45e:rotationTime” }
Number Cube_Battery (gBattery) { channel=“mihome:sensor_cube:158d00010bf45e:batteryLevel” }
Switch Cube_BatteryLow (gXiaomi){ channel=“mihome:sensor_cube:158d00010bf45e:lowBattery” }

Seemingly, now they have seen an additoinal id appended to the detected channel names - and I am having to create or amend my files as follows:

Number Cube_RotationAngle { channel=“mihome:sensor_cube:286c07012123:158d00010bf45e:rotationAngle” }
Number Cube_RotationTime { channel=“mihome:sensor_cube:286c07012123:158d00010bf45e:rotationTime” }
Number Cube_Battery (gBattery) { channel=“mihome:sensor_cube:286c07012123:158d00010bf45e:batteryLevel” }
Switch Cube_BatteryLow (gXiaomi){ channel=“mihome:sensor_cube:286c07012123:158d00010bf45e:lowBattery” }

Seemingly, the gateway ID 286c07012123 is being injected into the naming

I have 2 gateways and this has so far only happened with devices attached to one of them.

I am also seeing multiple entires for my Bridge - but slightly different naming:

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway


Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Bridge

Incidentally, both appears as online?