Xiaomi and Temperature sensor / door window sensor- what does round one mean?

In Xiaomi binding there is information:
“Supported device: Xiaomi Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor (round one)”

what does “round one” means?
On Gearbest I’ve found two models:


I suppose that is “round one” but which one?

The same situation is with door/window sensor, I do not now how to choose?


Michal Szymanski

The old xiaomi sensors are the completely round ones.

The newer aqara sensors are the square ones with the round corners.

So xiaomi (without aqara) is the old version (round one).

I have xiaomi (round one) and aqara (square one) temp-sensors, both are working with the oh2 binding.

The new aqara temp/humidity sensors can measure the air pressure too.

But i think you have to upgrade to snapshot version of oh2, because in stable version oh 2.1 only the old xiaomi (round ones) sensors are supported.

Thank you but it is little strange that old versions is more expensive than newer versions.


Prices on gearbest, aliexpress, banggood and … change from day to day, there are plenty of discounts and things like this. So you can not say, the old sensors are more expensive. Only wait for the next discount and they are cheaper.

I think I read somewere that the aqara door sensor has a light function or some additional feature, but I’m not sure.
I can confirm that the aqara temp/humidity sensors can measure the air pressure too in OH 2.1

Do I need the Xiaomi Gateway, too, or can OH2 connect directly to the sensor?

please take your time to read the docs - if they’re unclear, tell us please!

besides: without the gateway the sensors are useless. not only for OH2, but they don’t have the opportuinity to report their status somewhere (normally, you add the Gateway to the MiHome App and then the sensors within the App).

I think some of the sensors can be connected with a zigbee stick, I don’t know much about it I just someting about xiaomi sensors controlled directly by the OH zigbee binding.