Xiaomi Aqara Gateway Developer Mode?

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So I just picked up a Xiaomi Aqara Gateway yesterday with some temp and window sensors.
Installed everything fine in the Mi Home app, updated the firmware and added my sensors.

Everything is working great in its own eco-system and I am really impressed by it all, especially for the price.

Tonight I wanted to attempt to connect all of this to my OpenHAB RaspPi, however it appears that they have removed the ability to set the hub into developer mode based on the instructions on the bindings page and some quick Googling.

My question, has anyone figured out a way to enable this again or get this working with the Xiaomi Binding?

I don’t think there is a developer mode in Aqara Gateway.

@illxi It seems there used to be at one point but thats been temp removed. It is a supported device for the binding but it all hinges on getting it into developer mode.
Looks like tying this into OpenHAB currently is a no-go for the time being.

I am running temp/humidity and door sensors so its not a huge thing right now and the app works fine for the most part. Would be nice to get it all in one place though and then start tying things into the sensors.

In the app, go to the about page as described elsewhere, and tap in the blank area. Worked for me last week with the iOS app.

@peterloron Thanks for the reply. I went to the Firmware screen and tried tapping all over the place. No luck :frowning:
This is on the Android app and the Gateway running 1.6.0 firmware.

Same issue with the current XiamoiHome-iOS-App (V4.19.1)

When selecting the AqaraHUB, it looks like that:

When I click on the three dots in the upper right corner, I don’t get “about” - it will show immediately the “Settings”-page like this:

Any ideas?

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