[Xiaomi Binding] Aqara Wall Switch cannot be found

Hi there,

I have the issue that OpenHab2 cannot find my Aqara Wall Switch (2 key). I have no issues with other Xiaomi devices that are connected to the hub like temperature sensors or the round and square buttons.

According to the binding documentation it should be supported.

I tried looking for a relevant log message in the binding but nothing gets reported regarding this switch as it seems.

I use OpenHab 2.5.5 Release build. Any help is appreciated!
Here are pictures of the packaging, it says WXKG02LM and those are the wireless switches with a battery.

So it seems the problem solved itself somehow, now one day later the switch was suddenly appearing in the Inbox of OpenHab. Not sure why it took so long… :thinking:

Hi @Terra, do yo mind to share the plugin version for the device? Thanks