Xiaomi Binding Mi Smart Home Hub


I want so add Humidity sensors to my 2.5 setup.

I found the ones of xiaomi which would fullfill my needs.
But also found information about the Xiaomi Binding not working anymore.

I don’t want to use MQTT2Zigbee atm.

So, does it work anymore? Which Gateway should i use?
i found this one: Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Hub white Hub | Kaufland.de

Can i use it? Just found an article being over one year old!

I know you did say you do not want to use zigbee2mqtt, but if you need to buy a hub anyways, why not go direct with a z2m USB coordinator as it opens up your system to many more vendors than just Xiaomi?
Otherwise yes, I also saw that there are problems with this hub, you could check if any of the other hubs support Xiaomi sensors (i.e. IKEA, Tuya).

The issue is, i would need an usb device, and i don’t have an usb device in my Openhab VM so far.
I was not aware that Tradfri supports humidity sensors of Xioami… Because Hue doesn’t as far as i know.

Yes correct, you would need to passthrough the USB device to your VM (I got a separate VM actually for z2mqtt and mqtt running with passthrough on Proxmox). For smaller networks a CC2531 stick works which I did run for a long time, replaced it recently with a zzah stick.

On the other hubs, I am not sure if the IKEA hub supports others, hence referring you to check if some of them do. Personally I try not to use hubs as you are then reliable on those, whereas with z2mqtt you only rely on yourself kind of.

Yes I had the same thought… but there is one big issue: z2m can’t run firmware upgrades on devices…

You are talking OTA? It can for some I think, at least I did apply OTA updates to all my IKEA devices.

The gateway you linked has a way to get data from the linked the devices available but its only really easy on older firmware and it will use MQTT for the data backend. These guys have been working on this: GitHub - AlexxIT/XiaomiGateway3: Control Zigbee, BLE and Mesh devices from Home Assistant with Xiaomi Gateway 3 (ZNDMWG03LM) on original firmware

Maybe you could ask the supplier what version of the firmware the device has?

Unfortunately the service this device exposes is a non-standard Internal MQTT gateway and is only directly supported by HASS in the above implementation, though it does seem like GitHub - cflurin/xiaomi-mqtt: A Bridge between the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway and the Mqtt broker. can also process the Internal MQTT messages and push it out to another MQTT server.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone use this device with openHAB, but maybe others here have had some success with it. It may also be possible to flash custom firmware on the device Home · AlexxIT/XiaomiGateway3 Wiki · GitHub

I wouldn’t mind one of these devices for the fact it can connect with the Xiaomi Bluetooth devices like the mosquito repellent, which I haven’t seen an implementation for yet. I can confirm that Hue does not work with the sensors, but can’t speak on any other type of hubs. My Xiaomi sensors are running through the Xiaomi Gateway 2 hub which I bought from AliExpress (has to be the Chinese version though) but those are getting rarer to acquire. (The plus side with the Gateway 2 hub is that it has a speaker which can play custom sounds).

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