Xiaomi binding upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 - do I really need to re-declare the things?


I’m new to Openhab and I just upgraded to 2.2 to try to get a proper support for my Xiaomi devices and it seems that I need to re-declare (i.e. remove the thing and add it again) the temperature sensors (square) that I created with the previous version to get the pressure info displayed, finally.
Is this normal?

Note that even for the round temperature sensor, it seems that after the upgrade i lose the nice icon with a thermometer that was displayed before… Is this normal or did I do something wrong?

It seems that this also means I lose the data series from the past because my new items have a different name (openhad told me the previous name was already in use so I could not use it)… I lose continuity of the data collection and the charts in Grafana.
Is there a way around this?


Hmm that sounds as a strange behaviour.
I declare everything via things & items files, and never had to change anything.

Maybe you should remove all items first, upgrade to 2.2 and add the items again (with the same name)?

Maybe i should just not use the UI to declare the things and items, then? But how do you declare them if you don’t know the id you you need give them?
Would you please describe the process you follow for adding a new Xiaomi e.g. temp sensor from things to items (explaining where you take the ids from)?

Basically it would mean that I use the binding to give me access to the gateway, but then I wouldn’t be using paperUI any more and go direct with things and items declared manually…

Also, another thing looks strange : I don’t see anymore the temperature icon nicely displayed in the site maps (it was there for a while for the square temp sensors I had just removed and recreated, but now it does not show up anymore). Any idea of what could be causing that? Or where I should look at to understand the root cause?


See another post of me

Ok, my conclusion is that I’d better manage everything via files, this is what I’ll do gradually from now on…
I’ll survive without the pressure info for the sensors inside the house:-)

@thefathefa while officially probably not necessary this is probably the conclusion of quite a few of us (including me) :slight_smile:

@rswennen, I understand :slight_smile: Would you know by chance if there is a way to generate a text file from the Paper UI defined stuff so that I can “migrate” quickly and without changing the names for my items?

Sure, currently abroad but will do by end of next week. Need to check, don’t know by hart

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

Hello Ronny @rswennen

I’m interested in understanding how you managed to migrate from paperUI stuff to text files in a smooth way, if you would explain:-) I did look around and did not find anything very clear on how i would do that.