Xiaomi bulbs stopped accepting brightness information correctly

All my Xiaomi lights stopped accepting brightness information correctly.
I cant set them to anything higher than 97% brightness, if I try the just reset to the previous value.
I have tried turning the power off and on to the light, without success.
Here’s the light I have.
two of these:
and one of these:

Try restarting OH if that does not work delete the devices, uninstall/reinstall the binding and rediscover the devices.

Yes, in 2.5.5-snapshot this has been resolved.
It sends all values until 100%.

Some lights don’t like 0% and 100% and I made a change that avoided sending those. That was included in 2.5.4.

It had some non intuitive side effects like you saw hence I improved it.

If you want to stay on 2.5.4 you can do to following:
Download the json dB file for your device from GitHub put into the conf/misc/miio folder.
Remove the line with the condition in the brightness channel from the file. This will make that brightness is always send regardless of the value…

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Thank you, that’s really useful to know.
Honestly I just set all the lights to 97% and it works fine for me.