Xiaomi Cameras Compatibility in OH2

Hi. I am new to OH2 and would like to know if xioami cameras are compatible with OH2.
Thank you.

I have 2 of these that I plan to integrate. I am still searching for more information.

Might need to “Hack” the cameras to enable some features that will allow it to integrate and disable the cloud features.

i.e enabling RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)

Starting now… I’m going to document my progress … stay tuned…


I’ve started to document my journey here. I am now going to integrate them into openHAB which I’m fairly certain will be straight forward from here.

I’m looking for information. I have the xiaofang camera hacked but I have no idea to do anything else. I hope that between the two we solve it. regards

Maybe my previous post, do not put it with the correct label, someone has managed to place the camera xiaomi in sleep mode. using the binding miio?