Xiaomi Cluod connection problem


i got this error trying to discover things:
Cannot trigger scan for thing types '[miio:vacuum, miio:unsupported, miio:basic, miio:generic]' on 'MiIoDiscovery'!

using openhab 3.2.0 M2 in Docker.
Credentials are configured propertly. As regional settings i tried de,cn,us .
Suggestion to leave it blank do not work for me, as it will not be saved.

Does anybody how to solve this?

no, have not seen this.
Can you share a debug log of the binding startup and scan, maybe that will reveal something.

Note that normally even without cloud connection it is suppose to find the things, just the tokes don’t come automatically, hence it may not be cloud related.

note: you can restart the binding by going into the shell and do a bundle:list | grep iaomi and than a bundle:restart ZZZ where ZZZ is the number found for the binding.
Or just restart Openhab your normal way