Xiaomi Gateway alarm OFF

I have the Xiaomi mihome binding up and running together with a bunch of sensors including fire/smoke detectors.
In the MiHome App I configured an alert for the MiSmoke, so if there’s smoke detected, the gateway will play the alarm. Is there a way to stop that alarm with the binding?

Switch Gateway_SoundSwitch <soundvolume_mute> { channel="mihome:gateway:<ID>:enableSound" }

it seems, that the “enableSound” won’t do the trick?

Works for me …

Did you try already:
Dimmer Gateway_SoundVolume <soundvolume> { channel="mihome:gateway:<id>:volume" }
and set it to zero?

It seemed, I had a typo in my items-file for enablesound. volume worked already and after the typo also the enablesound.


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