Xiaomi Gateway Binding goes off-line, maybe network adapter multicast problem?

I have a lot of problems trying to setup working the Xiaomi Gateway Binding v3 with OpenHab 2.4 and binding 2.4 also.
First of all, I have the problem of port 9898 closed, but I have opened it with USBtoUART.

Now, when OpenHab starts, communication with Gateway is working correctly in both directions, but… all finish here, OpenHab is not receiving “heartbeat” packets from Gateway, so, Binding goes offline after a little time.

With Wireshark I see that multicast packets are sent by Gateway, and received by PC, but only in promiscuous mode in the network card. Not arriving to the PC with the card in normal mode. Off course, firewall disabled to do the tests.
So, which is the problem? Network card configuration? Software issue?
Any idea?

Thanks in advance

I have checked again, and hearbeart UPD packets are arriving in normal mode also (not only promiscuous), but Xiaomi Binding aren’t reading it.

Well, searching it seems an old issue… I tried some network adapter routing solutions, but doesn’t work.
There are any advance on this issue?