Xiaomi Gateway Firmware 1.4.1_176.0220 safe?

Hello all

Just a small question, because I don’t dare to start Xiaomi Firmware update to 1.4.1_176.0220 because I know, that there are some issues with Xiaomi gateways…

I have 3 Xiaomi Gateways since more than 2 Years and they work with Openhab like a charm… Thanks a lot to all the maintainers!

Today I saw that there is a new Firmware 1.4.1_176.0220 waiting to be updated…

Is it safe to update to this version… does it still work afterwards? Has someone updated?

Thanks a lot


I updated to 1.4.1_176.0220 my two gateways 3 days ago - no problem yet.

Ok, so I give it a try

Thanks a lot



Are you both using the developer mode (with communication on port 9898, no cloud) ?


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I’m using developer mode. Update on all 3 hubs safe.


Is it still working for you? Can you enable dev Mode? How?


I have enabled dev mode on a previous version few years ago. The latest version still works for me but I didn’t find the possibility anymore to enter the hidden area where the Ids of all devices are shown and where it was possible to enable dev mode. the actual version of the Xiaomi App does not offer the possibilities to enable dev mode how it is described in the Xiaomi Mi Binding documentation.