Xiaomi Gateway Pairing

Hello! I’m very new to the OpenHab Eco-system, currently experimenting with it to see if it would be a great hub for my household. I just started to tinker with OpenHab2 last 2 weeks and currently my server is on a ubuntu Virtual Machine (Virtual Box) on a laptop which is directly connected to my dedicated router. The reason why I am using a laptop is because I’m still testing weather or not it’s worth it to transfer to an open source Hub rather than relying to cloud services.

Currently I purchased the Xiaomi Sensor set which includes:
Xiaomi Gateway V3
Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Xiaomi Wireless Button
2 Xiaomi Door Sensors
3 Xiaomi Motion Sensors

I’ve updated all the devices on having the notion that it would function regardless of any update that the Xiaomi Home app had, it did matter. I’ve launched Paper UI and actually found my gateway but it appeared as an Unsupported Mi Device:

I’ve read 3 threads on this, 1 of which I think is the solution ([SOLVED] Openhab2 - Xiaomi Mi Gateway - does not respond) , but, with this thread, im just assuring that if I did that, it would surely work, because i saw on that thread that I have to have access thru the about this device of the Xiaomi Gateway v3 which upon updating, I lost the feature.

Currently, the Xiaomi Home Gateway v3’s firmware is 3.5.8_147

Thanks in advance!!!

what version of openhab are you using? I just had a similar issue and I was advised that it’s a known bug and that was fixed in the latest version (2.5.5).

currently using the latest version 2.5.5