Xiaomi gateway switch to brightness strange behavior

In the basic UI the label appears always with a percent ‘%’
My Items
Switch iluminacaoCorredorEstado “Estado” {channel=“mihome:gateway:7811dcb9e925:brightness”}
Dimmer iluminacaoCorredorBrilho “Brilho [%.1f]” { channel=“mihome:gateway:7811dcb9e925:brightness” }`

Frame label=“Luz Corredor”{
Switch item=iluminacaoCorredorEstado
Default item=iluminacaoCorredorBrilho

other strange behavior when i switch OFF on basic UI then i can not tap only on o the native app because brightness is 0

Please use code fences

To remove the percentage do this:

Switch iluminacaoCorredorEstado “Estado[]” {channel=“mihome:gateway:7811dcb9e925:brightness”}

You don’t need a decimal point for a dimmer percentage:

Dimmer iluminacaoCorredorBrilho “Brilho [%d]” { channel=“mihome:gateway:7811dcb9e925:brightness” }`


Sorry, don’t understand

Many Thanks now no I have no percentage on label
I will try to explain better the second part
If I switch off the lights on openhab when I back to xiaomi app and tap to switch on the light, their don’t light because the brightness is zero as can be seen on the picture

Stop using the Xiaomi app…

maybe you right but i have some automation with a Motion Sensor and other stuff and is much easier on xiaomi app

I wouldn’t wnat to send any data to some chinese server…
Would you?
Find a way to integrate your other devices WITHOUT using the xiaomi servers. It’s not worth it.

What devices do you have?

Motion sensors
Temperature and humidity sensors
Wireless switchs
Yeelight strip

Isn’t that the same thing

These are all zigbee devices. Have a look at the zigbee binding or zigbee2mqtt

Chinese cameras are something to be very weary off. There are tales of them activating by themselves making you wonder if someone is watching somewhere in China.
You can set-up firewall rules to prevent them to connect out of your network but some will not work if you do that. Check it out.

There is a way to flash these

thanks for the advise I have to many work to do …:slight_smile:

I use a RPI 3 with raspbian os, what kind of device should i use to communicate with zigbee devices? now i already have a z-wave Z-Stick Gen5 - Aeotec