Xiaomi Gateway: where to buy compatible one?

Hi there!

I recently bought an Aqara M1S Gateway, but am not able to integrate that one into openHAB. Does anyone of you have a shop link where I can buy a compatbile Gateway? I’m again guessing that this one may work, but don’t really know: Original Xiaomi Gateway 2 Mijia Smart Home Kits Gateway Hub Alarm System Control Radio Yi Camers Mi Tür Sensor Glocke temperatur|Heimautomatisierungsmodule| - AliExpress

I’d appreciate any help!


Hi! Yes that gateway, the v2 from xiaomi, works with both the miio and the xiaomi binding.
That’s the one I have.

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Yes the older one will work in developer mode.

If the devices are ZigBee I would recommend to get a conbee stick or likewise instead. That way you can purchase devices from multiple vendor meaning you are not locked into one ecosystem

Then you can use the ZigBee binding or you can use zigbee2mqtt


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The Xiaomi devices are not exactly ZigBee. They use their own proprietary features. I’ve not found them compatible with the ZigBee binding due to their not quite ZigBee issues.

Some of the other solutions might work as they have been specifically modified to work with Xiaomi.

I’ve been using the Xiaomi hub above with the Aqara devices and they work quite well. When I tried with the ZigBee binding, they kept falling off the network.

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That’s super interesting because I’m using zigbee2mqtt and I have no issues with a xiaomi smart plug v2.
Would you be willing to test with it instead of the zigbee binding?? Could be a problem in the binding worthy of note.
(Note: I’d totally try the zigbee binding but I’m remodeling the apartment and everything is boxed :frowning: )

Correct Xiaomi/Aqara devices are not fully ZigBee compliant and I just checked the documention there are known issues when using them and the add-on.

I personally use a conbee and zigbee2mqtt and have a mixture of devices hue, aqara, Lidl, IKEA etc.

Even though they are not fully Complaint I would say of all my devices there uptime and battery life is the best by far.

Should we somehow provide information/logs of these devices to the devs of the zigbee binding then?

I think the ZigBee binding developer is aware that there are these devices that are not compliant, but he’s not interested in adding a never ending stream of hacks to support these offshoots of the standard. SmartThings also has some non-compliant devices and I’m sure there are others. Our choices seem to be to either get true ZigBee compliant devices and use the ZigBee binding, or use one of the other methods such as this Xiaomi gateway or the conbee/zigbee2mqtt.

I understand the developer’s position, but it’s a shame that some of the best devices out there aren’t quite ZigBee compliant. I’ve never found a temperature sensor at the same price/size as the Aqara. They’re small, cheap, and work well.

Thank you, ordered one of those :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing out! I’ve already setup up a huge number of devices with that system, so switching will require some work – which I currently don’t have time for :wink:

Yes, the temperature sensors are really cheap and I have many of temp. Still, I needed a monitoring system for them since for some reason they sometimes just disappear or disconnect from the gateway.

Just now I’m having this issue with a newly bought sensor. Battery is fully charged, gateway is 2m away. Coupled the sensor, sensor worked for 1-2 days, then magically disappeared from gateway. Recoupled it next day, then the same happened a day later.

Yeah 100% behind Chris on this one. He would also have to rely on others sending the logs of all the new devices for such hacks and adddons.

I think I’m a whiz when I get a rule to work. Much respect for anyone who in there free time develops for openhab.

I meant no direspect of course. Hadn’t even thought about it like that, but i can understand the reason with that explanation.
Thank you for the context provided :slight_smile:

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My experience with a big net of zigbee devices (around 100) running under zigbee2mqtt (Aqara: water, contact and vibration sensors, Innr plugs, Lidl bulbs, Livolo light switches, Honeywell smoke sensors, moe heating valves, motion sensors…). It runs perfectly stable but the the routers are crucial (didn’t work well with osram plugs, now with innr it runs smooth).
As coordinator I use the zzh-stick.