Xiaomi Mi Aqara door sensor stops sending updates

As the title says, I have a Aqara door sensor on our front door, it’s connected to Openhab via. a Linear HUSBZB-1. First day I set it up, it worked for approx. 24 hours, then it stopped sending updates to Openhab.

After resetting and pairing, same thing, roughly 24 hours, then it stops sending updates.

I tinkered with the controller setting, specifically Mesh Update Period, and set it to 1 week and Child Aging Timeout to 7 weeks. This seemed to do the trick, but I haven’t gotten an update since the 24th of august. I didn’t note the date of my changes, but I’d guess it’s been roughly a week.

I’ve used the zigbee log viewer, but nothing seems out of the ordinary, so I’m not really sure what exactly happens.

I’ve uploaded the logfiles here, in the .1 log, the sensor has been active, in the newest, it’s never sent an update https://transfernow.net/121q11d2skdk