Xiaomi Mi Gateway - Bricked

Hello guys!

First of all sorry for my poor English!
Yesterday my hub after an update is totally bricked!
Video: https://streamable.com/aafs2

I have only white light on for a few seconds and then off. It doesn’t react to button press either.

Is there any way to restore the original firmware via UART cable.??

Here is my boot snapshot:

I am facing the exact same issue.
When I unplug the device for some hours I can recover it holding the button for 10 secs many times. Luckily I then get into repairing mode and I can bring the gateway back online. But I have to repair all devices and then (can’t figure out when) suddenly I run into the issue again.
I have the feeling that the power contact inside is not stable as I get some strange short electric flickering sound inside.
Anyone else facing such problems? Right now I can’t gat the gateway working at all :rage: