Xiaomi Mi IO Binding - Aqara N200

Hello, I am just starting to make some configurations on openHAB and since I’d like to integrate some devices from Xiaomi/Aqara, I added the MI IO addon and tried some configurations.
The setup I have for now is the Xiaomi Gateway V3 which is connected to and Aqara N200 door lock through bluetooth.

On the openHAB configuration, I was able to get the token and get the gateway online, but since the door lock model I have is not currently supported, I was trying a couple different configurations for enabling it.

First attempt
I tried using a couple similar models in order to test it, but those models don’t have the signals I’d like to use (door state, open/closed), I tried to create a model as well, binding the channels to points on the configuration. In order to execute this attempt, I tried to the added “thing” from MIIO using the gateway as the bridge and at the channels tab tried “add points to model” to try to manually bind the channels with the expert mode, but for every configuration I tried, I always got the error:
“An error occurred while creating the links and metadata: Bad Request”

The configuration I used was, just in order to try some simple configuration:

Group G_lock2 "Aqara Door Lock" <status>
String Operation_Method_2 "Operation_Method" (G_lock2) {channel="miio:lumi:lock:operation_method"}

Second attempt:
I also tried to create a database model for my model, which could set the channels properly by placing a file called “lumi.lock.bzacn1” on both the “openhab/userdata/miio” folder and at the “openhab\conf\misc\miio” folder, but still without success. On logs it is possible to see the event:

2023-01-07 18:14:38.821 [WARN ] [io.internal.handler.MiIoBasicHandler] - Database entry for model 'lumi.lock.bzacn1' cannot be found.

The file content trying to be added was:

	"deviceMapping": {
		"id": [
		"channels": [
                "property": "operation_method",
                "friendlyName": "Operation Method",
                "channel": "operation_method",
                "type": "Number",
                "refresh": true,
                "ChannelGroup": "",
                "actions": []

The configuration I am trying to follow is the one provided by the miot-spec site, as it follows:

Since I don’t know much from the openHAB configuration, is there any recommendation over how to achieve the connection from the door lock and the openHAB? By the attempts I have done, what could be wrong that caused it to don’t work properly?

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