Xiaomi Mi IO Binding - Cant start vacuum Robot Dreame D9

Hello guys, and sorry for my not so good english

i have following Problem:

I configured my Dreame D9 Vaccum Robot and all is working (read battery state, read status, stop sweeping, pause sweeping…) except to start sweeping. I’ve done all config from the binding page but it doesnt work. I have no Errors in the Log. My Robot is called Herbert :wink:

Here is my config:

Thing File:

 Thing miio:basic:175C008F "Herbert" [ host="", token="54305837744b6c57324c54764b383944", deviceId="175C008A", model="dreame.vacuum.p2009", communication="direct"]

Item File:

Number:Dimensionless Herbert_battery "Battery - Battery Level"                  {channel="miio:basic:175C008F:battery-level"}
Number Herbert_status "Status [MAP(Herbert_status.map):%s]"                     {channel="miio:basic:175C008F:status"}
String Herbert_vacuumaction "Vacuum Action"                                     {channel="miio:basic:175C008F:vacuumaction"} 


Text item=Herbert_status label="Herbert" icon="herbert" { 
			Selection item=Herbert_vacuumaction label="Aktion"  mappings=[sweep="Sweep",stopsweep="Stop Sweep",dock="Goto Dock"]
			Text item=Herbert_battery icon="batterylevel" label="Ladezustand"

I believe this is because of a small error in the database file. This is corrected in the latest update.

You can upgrade to the latest snapshot (prob need to wait a day) or you can download the correct json file for the device from github and install it locally (see binding readme on local db files)

Hello Marcel,

thank you very much! After at least three months I can control my Dreame D9 with openhab3. The little child inside me ist very happy now :smile:.

Next, I would like to control the vacuum cleaner with voice control and Alexa. Marcel, do you think it will be possible to sweep individual rooms with the Dreame D9 in near future? So that I can ask Alexa to sweep the living room.

Brief summary of what my problem was and how I resolved it:

Starting Point:

  • openHab 3.0.1 running in Docker on a raspberryPI 4.
  • Xiaomi miio binding installed
  • Added Dreame D9 as basic type but couldn’t control it.


  • Switched to openHAB 3.1.0.M3
  • Downloaded database file for the Dreame D9 and dumped it in conf/misc/miio
  • Restarted openHAB3


  • Now it’s possible for me to control the vacuum cleaner with openhab3

Next Steps:

  • Realize to control the vacuum cleaner with alexa

Hi Guys,
Please I have an issue with my Dreame Vacuum D9 (dreame.vacuum.p2009) which is dead!! (No interaction, no light, no reaction, …) before that I have switched my Mi Home account from Singapore to French ( because I wanted to link it with my Alexa :frowning: )
It was fully charged and it have requested me to update the firmeware but after that I disovered that the robot is dead and I tried to reset it but no reaction. from that moment I can’t do anything as it is fully Off and no signe of reactvitiy, is like the systeme has been erased or its Soft have been broken due to the firmeware update.
Can you please help me to resolve this issue?
For information, I installed the token extractor and I can see the Vaccum linked in my account Singapore and I can see also its token.
Many thanks for your help and support

If there is no sign of life suggest to reach out to the dustcloud https://github.com/dgiese/dustcloud folks… they have quite some insight in the hardware side and may have tips for u.
There is also a related telegram group that may be helpful

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Many thanks, I hope that they help me, I just created and issue there. Thanks lot foe for your answer.