Xiaomi Mi IO binding - lost some of the channels

Dear All,

I would like to ask for your kindly help.
I’ve upgrade Openhab to the newest (2.5.4) and since the Xiaomi Mi IO binding lost some of the channels. Unfortunately, the most important ones are missing:

  • Power
  • Brightness
  • rgbColor

I’m using YeeLight bulbs.
I can see the device is online with the binding:

hardwareVersion mw302
modelId yeelink.light.color2
vendor Xiaomi

I did not find any related information in the openhab.log unfortunately.

I found some topic which was related to a very similar issue, but the Developer has been repaired this bug since then. Is it possible to get this kind of bug again with the new version?

Many thanks and Kindest Regards,

I just would like to give you the solution which came from Marcel VerPaalen.
I needed to put the device’s model to the config file although the binding recognized it.


This has been solved the issue with the openHab 2.5.4-1 release.
(The binding has not been changed with this release.)

Thank you Marcel for your help!