Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Bridge

When i try to create/configure a Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Bridge, i can’t fill in the serial number. I can select the field but can’t type anything in it?

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When I remember correctly this was read automatically from the device (that is the reason why that field only shows when clicking on “Show more”).
After saving ip and key you should be fine …

after saving ip and key, it’s getting the status offline.

The strange thing is when i use the binding “Xiaomi Mi IO Binding”. The gateway is discovered. Then i add the key and everything is ok.

But with the “Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding” it’s not working

Double check your developer key.

when i use the same device and with the same dev key but with the “Xiaomi Mi IO Binding” it’s online. So the key is not the issue

Double check the setup procedure from the binding docs: