Xiaomi Mi Temp & Hum 2 via Shelly Plus 1

I am currently investigating temperature and humidity sensors for my house.
As my Raspi is located in the basement, I’ll never come through the walls with an attached bluetooth dongle or anything else.

So, the Mi Temperature and Humidity Monitor 2 sensor is quite cheap and has better parameters than the shelly equivalent, I was checking for integration into openhab. Unfortunately I only find a lot of videos and manuals for HomeAssistant.
Neither the manual of Shelly Binding nor the Xiaomi Binding (device totally missing) helped me to figure out if this combination would work.

As I am using a lot of Shelly devices, I could change some of them to new Plus modules having bluetooth available. There was a video for HomeAssistant to make use of a Shelly Gen2 device as “Bluetooth bridge”. Is there a possibility to do this in Openhab as well?