Xiaomi Miio new Thing type

Hi there,
I bought a Xiaomi Smart Plug 2 Wi-Fi device. This not per default included in the Xiaomi Mi IO binding, but following the instructions in the MI io bindings documentation, I was able to create the JSON database file for the device model cuco.plug.v2eur.
Where can I share the database file for the new device?

best to make a github issue for it, and confirm if all channels are working as expected

Will do! Thanks!
Github enhancement

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Hey, I brought this kind of smart plug and I dont know how to use the json file or where to put it. Can you guys help me with this?

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I shared the JSON database file here.
According to the documentation under " Advanced: adding local database files to support new devices", you need to drop the file under openhab/misc/miio (on my raspi /etc/openhab/misc/miio). Please then follow the instructions.