Xiaomi motion sensor not found in Paper UI

Hi all,

as you can see from the topic I have an issue with detecting my xiaomi motion sensor. Current setting:

OH 2.4.0 on a RasPi 4B+ incl a DezCon Zigbee-Hardware-Module
Phoscon-App (V 2.05.71, FW 26050500)

as I use the DezCon, I utilize the Phoscon-App to detect gadgets like Osram-Bulbs and Plugs. And this very thing I have issues with - the Xiaomi motion sensor.

The good thing - it’s detected by the Phoscon app as a sensor, the bad thing - it does not appear in the PaperUI inbox.

Can somebody tell my what the issue is?

Try removing the sensor from the app, factory reset it and see if OH picks it up.


nope - did not work. I think it has to do with the fact, that it is a (Xiaomi) Sensor - do I need a specific setting or sth.? I read something about MQTT but have no clue what could it be.