Xiaomi Network Speaker

Hi guys,

does someone own one of these Xiaomi Network speakers?

They got delivered to me today and I am really happy with the performance so far.

I am looking for a binding and for inspiration, for what i can use them :wink:


@Ondrej_Pecta created a openHAB 1.x binding for this a while ago.
Can’t see any downloadable JAR though :slight_smile:

Well I’m no longer maintaining this OH1 binding since I’ve moved to OH2.
If you want to try this binding, just use this jar (it’s the OH2 version and autodiscovery works :slight_smile: )

There’s no PR to master yet, but I’ll prepare it as soon as clean the code and find the courage to push it :slight_smile:


Hello, is there any new update for this speaker?
I’ve some problems with it. I can not display songs artist and buttons for pause and play doesn’t work properly.


Hi, yes there is an update. Not sure if it resolves your problems but feel free to download it (at least now there are two options how to control playing - the old approach and using the Player item)


I’ve also added some information to readme:

Thanks a lot but how can I download files from Github from the new link? I have just old version from link above.
But I still can not show Artist and buttons for pause/play doesn’t work. And can I send through OpenHab to Xiaomi speaker other source of music like Spotify?

No you can’t use it for other music sources.
The latest version is 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT and is here:

it replaced the former version 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT