XIAOMI on Ubiquitti Unifi

I think I am going to try. Spent so long try to sort issues with not getting values through on Openhab even though everything showed as online and autodiscovered!

I have now, in one last desperate attempt, unplugged the ethernet cable from my Pi and used the Wifi to connect it, suddenly it all starts working.

My questions is then, do I now HAVE to use Wifi for my Pi?! Surely thats not right. Anyone using Unifi and Openhabian I’d love some advice. All other bindings work fine on Ethernet, but Xiaomi is a no go.

Which other bindings (devices) do you have, on WiFi?? (wild guess, none).

Anyway - What Unifi Accesspoint are you running. How did you configure it (them). How many LAN´s do you have? If you´r having more than one AP, do they use the same SSID. Are you using the same SSID for 2G and 5G. Perhaps the xiaomi gateway connects to a different SSID.

In the other thread you mentioned UFW… I suspect you mean the Unifi firewall. Or unifi controller??

I have two access points, both have the same SSID for 2G and 5G… the issue is the Ethernet v Wifi by the sounds of it. For some reason Xiaomi doesnt bridge over them?

I’m using ubnt kit (switches, APs, key etc) and the xiaomi gateway. Nothing wrong with it.
You must have something odd going on on the network.

Can you ping each device?

In previous posts (why did you start a new topic? does not really improve the overview) his Xiaomi things showed up as online. This should mean there is no IP visibility issue. Do you have any firewall rules active like only certain ports are allowed to communicate from WIFI to LAN and visa versa.

Does the unifi provide it’s own LAN on (for eaxemple 192.168.2.XXX) and the wired lan is on (192.168.1.xxx)
Then you will need to bridge the two networks

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Could you provide a screendump of your LAN setup from the Unifi controller as well as your firewall rules?
As Vincent indicate, it may seem there is a problem with the LAN(s), and it might as well be two different LAN´s you havn´t bridged. BUT, in that case I would assume other WiFi devices would have problems as well. This indicate you may have a firewall rule, which exclude some ports.

Close the other threads insted, and keep this running, for now.

I specifically said in the other thread I was starting a new thread as I’d now diagnosed the issue so no I don’t think it confuses things.

The issue is now clear. If I use an Ethernet connection then Xiaomi things are not updating values and nothing in logs, of for some reason I put the Pi on WiFi it works.

No they are all using 192.168.69.x, nothing uses a different address.

Thank you, I’ll do a print screen now - I haven’t bridged anything, but I only have one “network” defined, and then have a main and guest WiFi (all devices are on main).

And a screenshot of your wireless setup.

I just check my unifi controller.
The big difference between your setup and mine is, that you use one single WLAN group. I use one group for 2G and another group for 5G. Both having different SSIDs.

I find it easyer this way because for AP setup, I just need to pick the WLAN group. Like this:

But I have no idea, if the way you do it could resolve in any problems.

For network setup it looks like this:

Not really any fancy, just a simple ipv4 setup.