Xiaomi Philips Wifi Bulb Binding

I got the Xiaomi Philips Wifi Bulbs from China and can control it with the MiUi App. I checked the several Bindings like the Milight, Xiaomi or the Wifi LED Binding but none of the could find it or I could not add it manually.

Is there a Binding for it? I found out already my token.

How can I

Hi, did you get anywhere with this? I have the same bulb and question!!!

Should work with Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Binding

I have the same bomb and I have not managed to integrate it either. Does anyone know something?

Hi, I have the same question but just got the new E14 version (Xiaomi Philips Zhirui Smart LED Bulb E14 Candle Lamp)


These should be supported with the miio binding.

E14 propably is, but those E27 bulbs, ive gotten them to work, sort of. They do turn on and off, but there is no brightness or light temperature control, atleast not in paperui.

Have been trying to figure out how to add .items for them, but havnt succeeded :confused: If anyone have configurd these, could you please share .item and .sitemap for these ?

What is the modelID is you see in paperui for the device?

Hi, thnx for super fast answer :slight_smile:

It does know the amount off brightness for example, but i cannot control it from OH, since that channel is “number” …

Had it working with basic ui, but sliders wont appear on paper ui …

.items :

Switch Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb1 "Carage Lamp 1" { channel="miio:generic:050FE876:power" }
Number Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb1Bright "Carage Lamp 1 brightness [%.0f]" { channel="miio:generic:050FE876:brightness" }
Number Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb1CCT "Carage Lamp 1 color temp [%.0f]" { channel="miio:generic:050FE876:cct" }

Switch Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb2 "Carage Lamp 2" { channel="miio:generic:058B2E90:power" }
Number Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb2Bright "Carage Lamp 2 brightness [%.0f]" { channel="miio:generic:058B2E90:brightness" }
Number Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb2CCT "Carage Lamp 2 color temp [%.0f]" { channel="miio:generic:058B2E90:cct" }

.sitemap :

    Switch item=Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb1
    Slider item=Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb1Bright
    Slider item=Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb1CCT

    Switch item=Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb2
    Slider item=Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb2Bright
    Slider item=Xiaomi_Philips_Bulb2CCT

And if i configure in .items “Number” to “Dimmer”, i get slider in paper ui, but its allways 100 …

I found my Philips buIb deep in my cupboard and tested small fix for that…

It does not switch off for brightness = 0, it just sends a bright 0 to the light, to which the lamp responds with a error. The solution for that is planned for the upcoming larger change.

The version including this is merged. If you update the binding to the latest, you have working sliders

Tyvm for fast fix :slight_smile: However updating binding through karaf console didnt make any difference. How should i update binding ?

Thnx, Tomi

Maybe you were too fast and it was merged, but not in the build yet, the build happens I think only once per day. Sometimes it fails.

If it continues to fail you can pull my build here and drop it in your addons folder.

Looks like karaf consoles update isnt working… Manual install did the trick. Cant access desktop yet while im not home, ill get back to this when i get home to test it :slight_smile:

Working nicely, ty :slight_smile:

EDIT: Theres also an typo :

“2020-04-15 14:32:12.330 [INFO ] [g.miio.internal.cloud.CloudConnector] - No Xiaomi cloud credentials. Cloud connectivity diabled

Ah, good catch. More need for coffee in the evenings :wink:

Hi, I have a problem with the MIIO binding after the last updates.
I have a xiaomi philips e27 bulb and recently the brightness stopped working. I removed it and added the thing again and now even the power channel is not working. The bulb is online in openhab. I can control both brightness and power from the mi home app. I am on version 2.5.4.
Can anyone help me please?

The channel has changed from number to dimmer type.
You will need to change the item type. Also please check you have the right token.

if you can’t get it to work, please share (debug) log file which shows the communication