XIAOMI PHILLIPS Zhirui with Alexa How can i combine power and dimming?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3
    • OS: Debian
    • Java Runtime Environment: Oracle JAVA 1.8.0_181
    • openHAB version: 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT (#1443)
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Hello guys, maybe somebody of you can help me.

I have the problem that i can’t combine the power and brightness channel of my XIAOMI Phillips Zhirui Lamps.
They are dimmable and can be powered on/off but both of this features are different Channels.
I tried different ways to allow them to be controlled with one item. I thought the dimmer item was an good way but it did not work.
I want them to be controllable through the alexa app. First i tried to connect with alexa through myopenhab but also tried the hue emulation but with no success.

Maybe somebody can me help with my problem.
I will attach my item configuration.

Please forgive my imperfect English.

I am from Germany :slight_smile:

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Switch Schlafzimmer_Licht1 "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett1" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:04432095:power"}
Switch Schlafzimmer_Licht2 "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett2" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:04452B69:power"}
Switch Schlafzimmer_Licht3 "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett3" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:0448A94B:power"}
Switch Schlafzimmer_Licht4 "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett4" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:044B2B9C:power"}
Switch Schlafzimmer_Licht5 "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett5" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:0448A11B:power"}
Switch Schlafzimmer_Licht6 "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett6" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:0447CF6A:power"}
Number Schlafzimmer_Licht1_Helligkeit "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett1" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:04432095:brightness"}
Number Schlafzimmer_Licht2_Helligkeit "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett2" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:04452B69:brightness"}
Number Schlafzimmer_Licht3_Helligkeit "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett3" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:0448A94B:brightness"}
Number Schlafzimmer_Licht4_Helligkeit "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett4" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:044B2B9C:brightness"}
Number Schlafzimmer_Licht5_Helligkeit "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett5" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:0448A11B:brightness"}
Number Schlafzimmer_Licht6_Helligkeit "Schlafzimmer Licht Bett6" <light> (gSchlafzimmer_licht) ["Lighting"] {channel="miio:generic:0447CF6A:brightness"}

Group gHaus
Group gSchlafzimmer (gHaus)
//Group:Dimmer:OR(ON,OFF) gSchlafzimmer_licht_Brightness "Schlafzimmer_licht_Helligkeit" (gSchlafzimmer) ["Lighting"]
Group:Number gSchlafzimmer_licht "Schlafzimmer_Licht" (gSchlafzimmer) ["Lighting"]

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Dear Derburri,

i am afraid i am not much of a help :slight_smile:
i am here for kinda the same issue.
Just physically installed my Zhirui Xiaomi Philips lamp and was wondering how to get this to work lamp by lamp, but for me then via the BasicUI.
Obviously i have a general switch that could turn my 5 spots on, but i think it needs to be able to turn the ones on that “i like”.
I am reasonably new to openhab myself.
Via the Mi Home app this light works perfectly.

What i was wondering is … did you not add a “thing” for this?
And does this already work with all the functions via the BasicUI?

But… i have some more information for people reading this.
I tried the Xiaomi smart home binding but thats actually for the gateway and sensors, so it did not find my lamp.

What can i tell extra about the lamp:
it is a WiFi lamp so it gets an IP address
it has a dim setting on/off -> nothing with a slider, just predefined dim
And it has a warm and cold white setting on/off, nothing in between.

i think we both are needing the same settings.

  • 1thing
  • a on/off switch
  • a dim switch on/off
  • a switch for warm/cold white

Any help would be appriciated.
Maybe my 2 hero’s have any idea? @H102 and @vzorglub

HI Peacemaker,

Blockquote What i was wondering is … did you not add a “thing” for this?

I added a thing through PaperUI and used the item in my item file.

I think my main problem is that the Dimmer Channel of the Mi IO Binding is type Number.

Turning the lamp on/off works like a charm, but i was not able to get the dimmer to work. An Number Item is no option because it can be controlled through myopenhab and alexa.

Regards DerBurri

Howto diming it?

This issue is addressed in PR https://github.com/openhab/openhab-addons/pull/7404
It changes the brightness channel into a dimmer instead of a number

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